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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What system versions are supported?

A: Mac OS X Server 10.4-10.4.9, PPC and Intel. I am currently testing on Leopard (10.5 Server) and should have an official compatibility statement soon.

Q: Why can I only run in Demo Mode?

A: The NATural only works on Mac OS X Server. Demo Mode is designed to allow server admins to test the application on a non-server OS in a safe environment. If you are only running in Demo Mode then you do not have Mac OS X Server and this is not the application you want. This is not a feature-inhibited Shareware demo, The NATural will always be free and no registration is required to access the full feature set on Mac OS X Server.

Q: Will there be a version for Mac OS X Clients?

A: Probably not. Mac OS X handles NAT quite differently from the Server, this would essentially be a different application. I did plan to develop this at some point, but the demands of the day job combined with a good selection of alternatives (ie: sunShield, WaterRoof, and Flying Buttress) have made this a lower priority. At the moment, it seems more important to work on continued improvements to the server application.

Q: What features should we expect in the future?

A: Here are some of the features that are in development:

Q: Why didn't you respond to my question/email?

A: I'm sorry. My full-time job is very demanding and it has been increasingly difficult to find time to both work on the software and respond to users. I have certainly let a few emails slip by without a response. I make every effort to respond to all questions so if you have tried to contact me with no success, please resend your message, I do my best to get to them all. Here's a tip: include "The NATural" in the subject line to avoid getting caught by my junk mail filter.

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