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What's happenning with The NATural? - 11/1/07

Development is beginning again!

A universal, and fully 10.5 tested version will be out soon. See the FAQ for some of the planned new features.

Second Release! - 12/13/05

This second release is primarily focused on bug fixes. All user-reported bugs have been fixed along with several others. Several switches that were available in 1.0b1 are no longer enabled. It seems that several of natd's switches are ignored by Apple's Server Admin, these switches are now disabled. See the history page for all changes.

First Release! - 11/10/05

Apple's Server Admin software provides only a limited interface to control NAT routing functions. The underlying process, natd, can accept many more arguments. Although Server Admin does not provide an interface to these functions, it does respect all settings that natd supports. The NATural allows you to easily configure these settings.

Why The NATural?

The NATural was developed in response to my own need to configure NAT routing as an administrator of several Mac OS X Server systems. I quickly became frustrated with editing the natd.plist file each time I wanted to make a change. Furthermore, I was also annoyed that there was no quick and easy way to disable but save IP and Port Forwarding rules. Why couldn't configuring NAT be as easy as configuring the firewall?

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